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 Beta Membership


What is this about? 

Prīvit is evolving to our next phase and establishing a new private members-only club. 


This community will intersect both professionals and creatives, with a common collective focus on celebrating our love for art in all of it’s forms.


What is the name of this club?

Currently the official name of this social club has yet to be defined.  We would like to embark on the naming journey as a collective with our focus group members.  As the club evolves over the next few months, we are hopeful that a name which embodies the spirit and emotion of the space and collected community will reveal itself.   


How do I Join?

We are currently in the beta phase of membership for the new social club.  At this time the club is invite-only with limited access.  Please be sure to follow us on Instagram @privit_event for general updates.


What is a Beta Member?

The purpose of the initial Beta Membership stage is to gather insightful feedback from handpicked guests during test pilot activations and curated experiences taking place at the social club.  In short, it’s a combined role serving as both a founding club member and focus group participant.  In appreciation of this valuable role, the membership fee will be deeply discounted in exchange for open & honest feedback from these members. 

The collective experiences and associated opinions of the focus group participants are critically vital in helping us craft the ideal atmosphere, amenities, and operational policies for our future members.

Privit plans to use the information gained during this test pilot to pinpoint opportunities to enhance the services and offerings provided to its membership community.

Is there a physical location?

Yes, we have secured a beautiful 7,000 sq. foot open floor plan space, minutes away from downtown Chicago. It houses multiple art galleries, a private bar, a media studio and is designed to adhere to social distancing guidelines. 


The location will be revealed to beta-members only.



Is the space available to rent for members?

Yes, there are rooms and large spaces throughout the venue that are available to rent at discounted rates to beta-members.  Please email to inquire about access, availability and rates for upcoming dates.


I am a current Beta Member, can I refer someone else for membership? 

Yes, speak with one of the staff members and/or email the potential member’s linked in profile to 


What benefits do members receive?

The list of membership benefits is fluid and subject to change based on feedback from beta members during the test pilot phase.  Our goal is to provide tangible value across the community as our members utilize the space to Work, Play, and Connect.


Some of the current and potential future membership benefits include:

  • Member only access to private spaces within the club during designated times

  • Priority & complimentary  access to scheduled evening events at the venue (including but not limited to happy hours, micro concerts, art shows, dinners etc.)

  • Priority and discounted access to premium curated events on or off site 

  • Discounted rental rates for private event/production spaces on site

  • Discounted custom events planned and hosted by Privit Event management team


What are the requirements of beta members?

Have an appreciation for art... That’s it. 


We welcome and encourage creatives, but you don’t have to be a creative.  You simply have to appreciate the art that creatives bring to the world. 

Pay Membership Dues  -  Beta membership has substantially discounted dues in exchange for the below requests.  The Beta membership is discounted until July 31, 2021. 

Provide Constructive Feedback  -  Your feedback, suggestions, requests, and opinions are instrumental in aiding our ability to continuously improve the overall membership experience.  Please remember that we need your honesty in order to better serve you; so give us the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Feedback may be requested via surveys, formal or informal interviews, polls, and town hall sessions. 

Recommend New Members  -  If we have requested your participation in this Focus Group, it means that you embody characteristics that we are looking for in our membership base.  To the extent that you have colleagues and/or friends of a similar caliber within your network, we ask that you introduce them to the space and recommend them for membership. 


Although we can’t extend membership to everyone, we take personal recommendations from existing members into strong consideration when reviewing new requests for membership.


Visit & Interact With The Space  -  Participants can only provide substantive feedback based on first-hand experience.  To this end, we are encouraging all members to fully participate in curated events and utilize the space as much as possible.  Suggestions on new programming, events and offered amenities are highly encouraged.

Respect the Space & Others  -  You shall, at all times, respect the personal space, personal property, and privacy of others, including but not limited to staff, members, guests, service providers, and others.  Additionally, you shall respect the club space, displayed art, furniture and equipment made available for the benefit of all club members.  You assume complete and sole responsibility for your own safety and privacy while utilizing the space. 


How much does it cost? 

During the initial Focus Group stage, participants will be charged a deeply discounted rate of $60.00 per month until July 31, 2021 in which the Beta program will conclude.  Upon graduation from the Beta stage, the monthly membership fee will increase.  Beta participants will continue to receive a discount on rates moving  forward.  Focus Group members will be notified 30 days in advance of any change in price. 


How am I charged & billed?


Beta membership is $60 a month until July 31, 2021. The fee will be auto drafted from your account when you register for membership.