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Battle off using your smartphone, a streaming music service, and “Rep Your Music”, an exciting new game for music lovers!

In the midst of the pandemic, we have adjusted from clubs to kitchens and bars to boardgames. Which helped spark Prīvit Members Michael Wilder & Jasmine Moore's creativity in forming a new game.

Wilder World Productions has done it again and created a new hit game called “Rep Your Music”! It is the perfect combination of music and card games with six different versions sold separately for $19.99: Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Country, Rock ‘N’ Roll, and Oldies but Goodies.

Each contains 54 cards, including music topics and Wild Cards. The games can be played separately or together. Free shipping is available with the purchase of 3 or more games. The pre-sale starts Saturday, August 1, 2020, and these games are going to be a major hit! To purchase games and learn more, go to

Chicago, USA – Music has always been a sure way to get any social gathering started. Whether a music enthusiast, trendy listener, or simply needing the audio illusion in the background to assist with the day-to-day grind, you’ll love this game. If you enjoy music, “Rep Your Music” is the game for you. All you need is a smartphone or tablet!

“Rep Your Music” was created and developed by Chicago law firm partner by day and hit game-maker by night, Michael Wilder, the CEO and Founder of Wilder World Productions (“WWP”). “Rep Your Music” is a card game where individual players or teams battle off to determine the true music lover. Here’s how it works: Player 1/Team 1 pulls a card and reads the category out loud, for example, “Top song of all time by the fastest rapper” in the Hip Hop Stack. All players then have 30 seconds to choose the best song matching that theme on their smartphones using a music streaming service, like Spotify or Apple Music. All players must then turn their smartphones facedown on a table or surface. Player 1 then plays their selected song on their smartphone or speaker system (preferred), followed by each player in clockwise order. If there is a tie between two players regarding who played the best song, then Player 1 gets 30 seconds to play a second song to prove they win the round. The winner is determined by a consensus of the group. If the group cannot come to an agreement after the tiebreaker, the song that ranked the highest for the longest period of time on wins. The next player goes in clockwise order repeating these steps, but watch out for the Wild Cards, which can either have positive or negative consequences. The music topic cards are color-coded based on the level of difficulty. The more difficult, the more points players can obtain. Blue cards (easy) are worth 5 points; green (moderate) are worth 10 points; orange (difficult) are worth 15 points; and red (hard) are worth 20 points. The first player with 100 points wins!

The idea of the game took off when Michael and his girlfriend, Jasmine, were on a road trip. During the drive, they went back and forth playing songs based on different categories to see who played the best song. Michael, who had previously created board games, suddenly realized that the game had potential. Immediately after the drive, Michael and Jasmine started to research the most consumed music genres worldwide, came up with a design for the cards and categories, and then created instructions for the game, including the scoring system.

WWP then created various prototypes of each game and Beta tested them with family members, friends, and even strangers over a period of 10 weeks in four different cities. Each time the games lasted for hours and participants rated the games “5 out of 5”. After the successful Beta tests, WWP started to mass produce the games.

The purpose of the games is to bring family and friends together to have a good time, sing, dance, and have friendly competition. Even in this time of despair when the world is facing a crisis in the form of COVID-19, playing these games relieve the mood and create an atmosphere of joy and happiness in a safe way. This game will be perfect to play during the upcoming Labor Day holiday.

WWP is known for creating some hit games, including “Rep Your City” (, which is a city-specific trivia board game about a city’s history, sports, restaurants, culture, architecture, and more. “Rep Your City” has been released for Chicago and Detroit and is set to be released for Los Angeles, New York, and London soon.

Contact Information:

Michael Wilder, CEO and Founder

Wilder World Productions, LLC

Chicago, IL 60653, United States

“Rep Your Music” and “Rep Your City” games are distributed worldwide by Wilder World Productions, LLC. “Rep Your Music”, “Rep Your City”, and logos are registered trademarks of Wilder World Productions, LLC. Patent pending.

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