On behalf of PRĪVIT, we are excited to extend a formal focus group invite to our new concept. During this early beta phase you are more than a user of this new space, but rather one of the architects and co-creators of this community. The list of focus group benefits will continue to evolve and expand based upon your feedback during the first phase.


The Focus Group (AKA Beta Membership) is only available for current Prīvit members via invitation. If you are not yet a current Prīvit member, please click here to apply


For more information view our FAQ

Click the below link for the final step and become a focus group member:

Current Benefits

Members only liquor & beverage storage  on site for Happy Hour events

Priority & complimentary access to events including, but not limited to:


Happy hours, micro-concerts, art shows, dinners

Discounted rental rates for private event/production spaces & custom events on site

Access to Member Only Events & Priority access to off site PRĪVIT events (DDP, NYE, day parties, etc.)

Future Benefits

Discounts on food purchases 

Member only access to the club during designated times. 

Membership rate price freeze beyond beta phase

Extended hours and access to the space during designated working hours 

Priority entry & VIP access to non member events

Discounted Pricing

Beta Members that register will receive a discounted rate of $60 a month during the Pre-Launch phase. 

After the Officlal Launch membership rates will increase for new members to $100+ a month.

The discounted rate will continue to be grandfathered in for Beta Members at $60.


Pre-Launch / Beta Member Phase 


Membership: Invite Only

Pricing:  $60 / Month 


Official Launch / Phase I - Post July 31st, 2021


 Membership: Referral Only

Pricing: $100-150 / Month 


Phase II - 2022

Membership: Formal Application Process

Pricing: $140-180 / Month  


Phase III - 2023

Membership: Fully Subscribed/ Wait List Only

Pricing: $180+ / Month